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WFIRST: The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope

AFTA-WFIRST SDT Face-to-Face Meeting #1

November 19-20, 2012 GSFC (Building 34, Room W150)

Group Shot

Mon, Nov 19

Welcome Scolese 0:05 9:00 AM
Organization and Introductions Spergel/Gehrels 0:15 9:05 AM
Introduction to Project Team Grady 0:10 9:20 AM
Charge from NASA HQ Hertz/Grunsfeld 0:45 9:30 AM
Science Technique Presentations
Overview of technique
Observing requirements (include impacts of image quality, wavelength cutoff, plate scale, and survey depth)
Weak lensing
Hirata 0:30 10:15 AM
Break   0:15 10:45 AM
Wang 0:30 11:00 AM
Perlmutter 0:45 11:30 AM
Lunch   0:30 12:15 PM
Mission Overview Melton/Content 0:45 12:45 PM
WFIRST History
Use As Is definition
Requirements from past DRMs
Payload optical layout
Payload packaging
SDT Discussion of Current Concept All 0:45 1:30 PM
Science Technique Presentations continued      
Break   0:15 3:45 PM
Gaudi 0:30 4:00 PM
Infrared surveys
Kalirai 0:30 4:30 PM
Discussion All 0:55 5:00 PM

Tue, Nov 20

Mission Systems Considerations Melton/Kruk/Content 0:30 8:30 AM
Serviceability of observatory
Fault tolerance (recommendations from DRM2)
Orbit trade (includes LV, thermal, and radiation)
Integration times vs. temperature
Slew-settle analysis
IDRM temperature & wavefront stability
SDT Discussion on Systems Considerations All 0:30 9:00 AM
Telescope Abplanalp/Goullioud 0:45 9:30 AM
Telescope intro
Stray light analysis (ITAR restricted)
Initial thermal results (ITAR restricted)
Break   0:15 10:15 AM
Coronagraph Kasdin/Levine 0:45 10:30 AM
Plans/configuration trades/concept
Possibilities for supernova science
Lunch   1:00 11:30 AM
WFIRST Ops Concept (from previous DRM) Hirata 1:00 12:30 PM
RESTORE Servicing Keer 0:30 1:30 PM
Servicing Capabilities
Action Items Spergel/Gehrels 0:15 2:00 PM
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