WFIRST Program Executive - John Gagosian (NASA HQ)
WFIRST Program Scientist - Dominic Benford (NASA HQ)
ExEP Program Executive - John Gagosian (NASA HQ)
ExEP Program Scientist - Doug Hudgins (NASA HQ)

WFIRST Project Office

WFIRST Project Manager - Kevin Grady (GSFC)
WFIRST Deputy Project Manager - Cathy Peddie (GSFC)
WFIRST Project Scientist - Neil Gehrels (GSFC)
WFIRST Deputy Project Scientist, Observatory - Jeff Kruk (GSFC)
WFIRST Deputy Project Scientist - Jason Rhodes (JPL)
WFIRST Deputy Project Scientist - Wes Traub (JPL)
WFIRST JPL Project Manager - Phil Barela (JPL)
WFIRST Coronagraph Instrument Manager - Feng Zhao (JPL)

WFIRST Science Center

GSFC Lead - Ken Carpenter
IPAC/Caltech Lead - Roc Cutri
STScI Lead - Roeland van der Marel

ExEP Program Office

ExEP Program Manager - Gary Blackwood (JPL)
ExEP Program Chief Scientist - Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL)
WFIRST Project Mission Manager - Ingolf Heinrichsen (JPL)

WFIRST is part of the Exoplanet Exploration Program.

Goddard Space Flight Center