The NIR Sky Survey/Guest Investigator Program is an archival research program using data from the baseline near infrared (NIR) sky surveys.

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Large area near infrared spectroscopic and imaging surveys at high Galactic latitudes and a Type Ia supernova survey at the ecliptic poles to determine the expansion history of the Universe and the growth history of its largest structures

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The Guest Observer Program is a competitive,
peer-reviewed additional science

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WFIRST is a NASA observatory designed to settle essential questions in the areas of dark energy, exoplanets, and infrared astrophysics.

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The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) is a NASA observatory designed to perform wide-field imaging and surveys of the near infrared (NIR) sky. The current design of the mission makes use of an existing 2.4m telescope, which is the same size as the Hubble Space Telescope. WFIRST is the top-ranked large space mission in the New Worlds, New Horizon Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Wide Field Instrument will provide a field of view of the sky that is 100 times larger than images provided by HST. The coronagraph will enable astronomers to detect and measure properties of planets in other solar systems. Get more details about the WFIRST Mission →


October 15, 2015

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